Misconceptions about Auto Accident Litigation

Having a car accident is scary enough. To some, the lawsuit that follows may be even scarier.

For a lot of people, all they know about lawyers and judges is what they see on television. But what they see is not necessarily the reality. Let us answer some of your questions about auto accident litigation.

I was injured in an accident but might have been partly at fault. Do I still have a case?

Washington follows a comparative negligence system. As a result, even if your injuries were caused in part by your negligence, you may claim damages from the other persons who contributed toward your injuries in your car accident lawsuit in Bellevue and Everett. The judge or the jury determines the percentage of compensation each person is liable to pay.

Will I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. Often times, an experienced personal injury attorney can resolve your case through a settlement outside of court. Other times, you may have to go to court to maximize your outcome.

Can I file an auto accident lawsuit anytime I want?

No. The statute of limitations in Washington for an auto accident lawsuit is three years. Contact the Weyer Law Firm to start your car accident lawsuit in Bellevue and Everett.

Do I need to hire an attorney right away?

The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner the attorney can take steps to preserve evidence and to find all of the witness who can make a difference in your case. Early consultation with an attorney can prevent or reduce problems with a claim.

The Weyer Law Firm makes sure that you are fully informed about any lawsuit for your car accident in Bellevue and Everett. Call us today at 866-377-9569, or contact us online, to set up an initial consultation regarding your case.

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